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My wine bio: Been drinking wine as a "serious hobby" since about 2007 when I started a wine Club with my friends, getting together monthly (or as often as possible) bringing a bottle each and sharing our thoughts on taste. I find it interesting that the same wine can be tasted differently by different people.<br><br>I love Viognier, could probably live off French wine and don't believe in adding Orange Juice to Champagne.


2009 Quinta da Aveleda Vinho Verde
Review Date: 10-03-2011
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a very light wine, but very very dry. I like dry wine but this is dry without much character. I don't really taste much of a finish, but sometimes I suppose you might want a simple wine.
it's got just a touch of floral on the tongue, but not enough to win my heart.
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WE 90

2010 Chateau Le Cengle Côtes de Provence Rosé
Review Date: 09-30-2011
I always thought I didn't like wines with any acidity. Now I'm beginning to second guess that as I think I finally understand what's meant by "balanced acidity."

This wine is fruity, yet not sweet. It has just a touch of sweetness, actually, but I wouldn't call the wine sweet because it doesn't taste sugary, I believe it's because of the acidity that it tastes more balanced.

I taste strawberry and vanilla, coming together in a most harmonious marriage of flavors that engage your mouth right from the start. That marriage stays with you as you swallow and experienced that "balanced acidity" - just a touch of crispness made the medicine go down.

What a beautifully tasty wine. Light, fruity, balanced. I think it'd be great on a hot summer day or a cold Fall Friday evening like tonight.
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2010 Domaine de Coussergues Chardonnay-Viognier Vin de Pays d'Oc
Review Date: 09-26-2011
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Delicious white wine.
Has slight effervescence. Medium bodied without any sweetness. A bit fruity and buttery I think. Has that heaviness in your mouth that makes you just want more and more.

Other notes say "crisp" and "refreshing acidity" which I normally steer clear of for fear of the wine being to citrussy, tangy. But there was NOT that problem with this wine. Perhaps because of the Chardonnay?
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