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2007 Tessier Cheverny Rouge
Review Date: 08-15-2008
This is, by a long shot, one of my favorite everyday wines in the store. A blend of Pinot Noir and Gamay, this is the bottle to reach for when you roast a chicken, grill some sausages, or just need a tasty supple red. Medium-bodied with bright cherry and cranberry aromatics this juicy elegant bottle brings to mind good artisan Beaujolais. To get all this wine has to offer serve with good cheer just above cellar temperature.
Top Value!
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2005 Dr. Heyden Pinot Noir Estate Trocken
Review Date: 08-15-2008
Yes that's right German Pinot Noir... and you know what? It's great!! Don't be too quick to dismiss German reds, as you know it's been quite warm the past few vintages and all things point to that trend continuing in the future. For those of you who long for the elegant, supple, style that used to be made here in California this bottle is for you. The nose is full of crushed blackberries, spice and stone, with a supple, medium-bodied mouth and a bright, juicy, dry finish. This bottle is best served just above cellar temperature with about 20 minutes of air.
Top Value!
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2006 Kalmuck Grüner Veltliner
Review Date: 08-15-2008
This is most definately a top value in my book... This is all fruit from the famed Wachau Valley, some from Spitz and the rest from Loiben, an area where you seldom find a wine of this quality for less than $20. Crafted by the young Franz-Josef Gritsch, one of the new stars of the region, this gorgeous bottle of Veltliner really sings. Bright and spicy with yellow plum, white pepper and grapefruit aromas this juicy, gulpable beauty is fresh and zippy. Every household should have one in the fridge at all times.
Top Value!
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2006 Grange Tiphaine Clef de Sol Montlouis Sec
Review Date: 08-14-2008
Those of you who love chenin blanc will be thrilled to try this wine, made from 80-year-old vines in St-Martin le Beau; this is Damien’s top dry cuvée. It is rich and textural with a pleasing aroma of quince, baked pear and stone and a lingering tang of mineral on the finish.
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2006 Grange Tiphaine Clef de Sol Rouge
Review Date: 08-14-2008
This is Damien’s top red wine cuvée. It’s a blend of about 65% cabernet franc and 35% côt (malbec) from a 60-year-old vineyard near Montlouis that sits on white clay with silex and limestone. The high-toned cabernet franc aromas of violet and currant are tempered by the deep, rich, slightly earthy flavors that côt brings to the table.
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2006 Grange Tiphaine Grenouillères Montlouis Demi Sec
Review Date: 05-20-2008
This has just enough residual sugar to round out and heighten the flavors, but not too much to become cloying. This is pure essence of d’Anjou pear.
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