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Los Osuna Reposado Agave Azul (CANNOT SHIP) 750ml
Review Date: 01-12-2011
Enjoyed this agave beverage at point of origin (Mazatlan) in August, 2009 after a morning of zip-lining down the plantation hill over the agave plants. Watch out for those wasps, they're as big as cats. Toured the facility then tasted the product, very generous with the tastes, basically as much as you wanted. I believe I had 3 shots. Really smooth and delicious, as good as any tequila or agave beverage made elsewhere I've ever had including very expensive ones. Bought a bottle right there, although the cruise line made me stow it until we got home. The nice man in the hut said he hoped to have this beverage available in the US by early 2010 and looks like he was right. This would be my 'tequila' of choice if readily available.
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