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Aussie by birth, but have been travelling the World since 1988. Still love Oz wines, but the World is a big place and great wines are being made all over today. Ran fine wine clubs in Adelaide, London and Scotland.


Gosset "Excellence" Brut Champagne
Review Date: 05-15-2013
For the money, this is my new favorite Champagne. Beautiful cracked yeast pears and brioche nose, lively fine bead, lovely mousse and firm, dry palate - complex and really delivers a memorable experience.
If you haven't tried this, give it a go, you'll end up buying a 6 pack.
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W&S 90 WE 90

2011 Rio Madre Graciano Rioja
Review Date: 04-05-2013
I bought this blind on a K&L offer and what a ripper wine for $10. Graciano, a yet undiscovered gem makes wines of intensity yet lightness and with enough grape tannins to satisfy the serious red drinkers. This wine has it all and scores an extra half point for value. For $10.00 probably the best value red in the entire store. Blows the doors off most Californian offerings for $20.00.
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RP 91 ST 90

2010 Hanzell Sonoma Valley Chardonnay
Review Date: 01-26-2013
Had this for lunch at Post Ranch last year. It also stood out at the Pebble Beach Wine and food and was my top Chardonnay at the tasting.

Very refined and elegantly structured lovely acidity, not overblown with oak or alcohol. Tasted blind could easily be confused with Grand Cru white burgundy.

Expensive and a special occasion wine. One of the best in this country
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1997 Potensac, Médoc
Review Date: 05-10-2012
Jim Barr pressed a bottle of this into my hand on Tuesday. As instructed I decanted it an hour before drinking with some superb grilled lamb chops for dinner.
Forget "Sweet-tooth" Parker's ratings, forget the vintage and buy some.
One of the most enjoyable wines with red meat that I have had this year.
A throw-back to when wines were 13% and balanced. Lovely length and plenty of dark fruit lingers on...this wine still has a few years of ageing potential in bottle.
Excellent value for money when the 2005 is on the shelves for $40+
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Tarlant "Brut Tradition" Champagne
Review Date: 12-14-2010
This Champagne house has been a favorite since Gary Westby introduced me to it over a dozen years ago. The Tradition is a superbly made dry style, excellent length, great yeast/acid balance and a wine that is always a pleasure. Shows a lot of red fruit character on nose and palate. Dosage is low so its crisp. Typically 3+ years on lees and a class above most commercial marques. My favorite wine for a celebration or just to have because you love good Champagne.
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RP 91