Vintage Reports and Producer Profiles


Head Wine Buyer Clyde Beffa in Action

Our team travels to Bordeaux multiple times every year to taste the new vintage out of barrel. Each year we prepare our vintage report including profiles of the top wines as well as plenty of information on the vintage as a whole. Enjoy!


Champagne is a major focus for K&L and Gary Westby, our buyer for this famous category. We sell tons of the recognized names, but our passion is for the artisan grower-producers, many of which get imported directly by K&L (cutting out the costs associated with importers and distributors). Here's a little background information on some of our favorite directly-imported Champagne producers.

Brunello di Montalcino

Our Italian wine department is headed up by Greg St. Clair in our Hollywood location, with help from Mike Parres (Redwood City) and Kirk Walker (San Francisco). Brunello is one area of major focus.

Rhone Valley (France)

Our Rhone Valley wine department is headed up by Mulan Chan in our San Francisco location. She also buys for our French Regional department, a collection of that includes wines on some of France’s beloved, though lesser known, wine regions.


David Driscoll (Redwood City) and David Othenin-Girard (Hollywood) head up our spirits buying team.

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