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2012 Chakana "Maipe Reserve" Malbec Mendoza
Review Date: 11-22-2013
Looking for a food friendly, balanced, juicy, approachable Malbec? Well the Maipe Malbec is just the ticket! I love that it has some acid and structure to balance out the juicy fruit. Its not over-oaked, or over-extracted. Lots of red and black fruit but is definitely a more of an elegant style. Perfect with chicken, pork, pasta, or just cocktailing!
Price: $14.99 Add To Cart RP 91 BC 0

2012 Bernabeleva "Camino de Navaherreros" Garnacha Vinos de Madrid
Review Date: 11-22-2013
This is, hands down, my favorite Grenache/Garnacha producer in Spain, and this is the best "Camino" I have tasted from this producer. Old vine fruit sources, great soil types and attention to detail create some of the most dynamic reds from this little known appellation. The "Camino" this year drinks like a great Cotes du Rhone Villages with ripe red cherry fruit and spice box nose and a deeply fruited and pleasing mid-palate. You would pay $20 or more from anything else comparable from France. Try this instead, you won't regret it.
Price: $13.99 Add To Cart ST 91 BC 0

Giffard Creme De Pamplemouse Rose Liqueur 750ml
Review Date: 11-22-2013
The very essence of a perfectly ripe pink grapefruit, lightly sweetened. This is absolutely extraordinary! A brilliant exhibit of the distiller's art. Bravo!!
Price: $26.99 Add To Cart BC 0

Giffard Creme De Peche De Vigne Liqueur 750ml
Review Date: 11-22-2013
I have been lucky enough to have a dessert in a 3 Star Michelin restaurant made from Peche de vigne, the small peaches they used to grow among the vineyards in Burgundy. The flavor memory is distinct and fabulous. When I tasted and smelled this liqueur, I was in rapture. This is precisely that rich but delicate aroma and flavor. There is some sort of alchemical wizardry involved in the distilling, as I would not have thought it possible to so perfectly capture this delicate creature in a liqueur. In summary: THIS IS NOT TO BE MISSED!!
Price: $26.99 Add To Cart BC 0

Giffard Creme De Violette Liqueur 750ml
Review Date: 11-22-2013
I am often not a fan of Creme de Violette, as the process of extraction seems to me to sometimes produce a soapy, almost cloying quality. But here is the result when it is done to perfection. The color is a deep and satisfying violet hue, but the aromatics are pure and bright and the sweetness is extremely restrained in character. Very impressive, indeed.
Price: $26.99 Add To Cart BC 0

2010 Alta Maria Santa Maria Valley Pinot Noir
Review Date: 11-14-2013
It's great when you really enjoy a wine and then you meet the winemaker and he is a totally sweet character. Alta Maria gets its name because owner/winemaker James Ontiveros's vineyard is one of the highest points in the Santa Maria valley. It's kind of like Rioja Alta. The majority of the fruit comes from famed Bien Nacido vineyard, spending 17 months in 33% new french oak. It has fantastic, lively acidity from the high-toned fruit, lots of red cherries and hint of rhubarb brimming out of the glass.

Le Creuset Vacuum Pump Wine Preserver Stoppers (4 stoppers)
Review Date: 10-26-2012
These do too.
Price: Hidden View Price BC 0

Le Creuset Vacuum Pump Wine Preserver System WA137PL-31
Review Date: 10-26-2012
These really work. Try today
Price: $9.99 Add To Cart BC 0

Elisabeth Goutorbe "Cuvée Eclatante" Brut Champagne
Review Date: 10-26-2012
I love this Champagne. It has the most explosive bead when it hits the palate, tongue tickling goodness.%100 estate grown fruit. %70 Pinot Noir, %25 Chardonnay and %5 Pinot Meunier.Really stunning and a very reasonable price for this quality.
Price: $34.99 Add To Cart BC 0

Grand Mayan Extra Añejo 5 year 100% Agave Tequila 750ml
Review Date: 9-30-2012
Simply one of the finest tequilas i have ever tasted.This extra Anejo leaves you with the most haunting delightful finish.If you are a Cognac lover you should try this Tequila as it has taken on similar qualities and likeness. Sip,enjoy and share this libation.
Price: $89.99 Add To Cart BC 0

Firelit Coffee Liqueur 750ml
Review Date: 8-31-2012
This is the finest coffee liqueur i have ever tasted. Try this in your next Irish coffee.A cup of coffee ,two parts Jamesons one part Firelit liqueur, whip some full fat cream and spoon on top of your ingredients.Sprinkle with a little coffee grinds of cocoa powder. Enjoy!
Price: $44.99 Add To Cart BC 0

Fever Tree Natural Light Indian Tonic Water (6.8oz 4-pk)
Review Date: 7-29-2012
If you are watching your calories. Simply the best tonic on the market!
Price: $5.99 Add To Cart BC 0

Fever Tree Tonic Water (6.8oz 4-pk)
Review Date: 7-29-2012
Simply the best tonic on the market!
Price: $5.99 Add To Cart BC 0

Fentimans Curiosity Cola 275ml
Review Date: 4-30-2012
This is only for the real old school cola lovers. I personally love all Fentimans products, but this one really steals my heart. If a cocktail calls for coca cola please substitute curiosity instead and enjoy!
Price: $1.99 Add To Cart BC 0

Ojio Raw Organic Clear Agave Nectar 16.9oz
Review Date: 2-29-2012
This is an absolute must for any bar. Actually i think this would be extraordinary on pancakes.Lime juice, your choice of Mescal and this fantastic nectar and you have an amazing Margarita.
Price: $9.99 Add To Cart BC 0

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