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2008 Baccinetti "La Saporoia" Brunello di Montalcino
Review Date: 2-7-2014
I think that this 2008 Brunello is ready to drink now or over the next few years. It has nice cherry-like fruit aromas and nic, classic fruit, earth and leather flavors. It should be great with hearty foods. The 2008 Baccinetti is a quality Brunello for a great price.
Price: $34.99 Add To Cart BC 0

Mezcal Vago Ensamble del Barro Mezcal 750ml
Review Date: 2-7-2014
Wow! This is an interesting and tasty Mezcal. It has aromas of subtle smoke,citrus, herbs, and ends with a light floral note. It tastes round and delicious with light smoke, minerals, citrus and herb flavors. Maybe this Mezcal is not for beginners but should please any serious Mezcal fan.
Price: $69.99 Add To Cart BC 0

Glenrothes Select Reserve Single Malt Whisky 750ml
Review Date: 1-20-2014
This is an easy-to-drink crowd pleaser. There is no smoke to get in the way of this soft, smooth and round single malt. The Glenrothes Reserve is on the light side and is very easy to drink. It should please any whisky drinker.
Price: $38.99 Add To Cart BC 0

Lot 40 Rye 2012 Release Canadian Whisky 750ml
Review Date: 1-17-2014
A wonderful addition to the rye selection at K&L. It is bright, tasty and fun to drink. The Lot 40 is complex with layers of spice flavors, a long finish and a hint of vanilla. Easy to drink and easy to enjoy.
Price: $54.99 Add To Cart BC 0

SMWS 35.100 (Glen Moray) "Rare Release" Single Barrel Cask Strength Single Malt Whisky 750ml
Review Date: 1-14-2014
This is a wonderful, beautiful and delicious single malt. I was surprised at how lively this Glen Moray is. There is no peat or smoke but aromas of flowers and vanilla, followed by similar flavors. A nice, long finish makes this release very pretty and very good.
Price: $115.99 Add To Cart BC 0

2002 Royal Lochnagar 10 Year Old Faultline Single Barrel Cask Strength Single Malt Whisky 750ml
Review Date: 12-20-2013
This wonderful single malt is for those who want a light and pretty whiskey. I wrote in my tasting notes,Very Good! It is soft and pretty with delicate and pleasing aromas that lead to smooth and slightly spicy flavors. This Royal Lochnagar does not have any smoke flavors. As with any cask strenght whiskey, thsi Roayl Lochnagar needs a touch of water to soften and open it up.
Price: $49.99 Add To Cart BC 0

1995 Glendronach 18 Year Old K&L Exclusive Single PX Barrel Cask Strength Single Malt Whisky 750ml
Review Date: 12-6-2013
This is a crowd pleaser. It is big, soft and round, with the used sherry barrels adding richness and sweetness to the picture. It is not sticky or cloying, but balanced and delicious. There is no smoke to get in the way of this easy-to-drink single malt.
Price: $149.99 Add To Cart BC 0

1994 Benriach 19 Year Old K&L Exclusive Single Bourbon Barrel Cask Strength Single Malt Whisky 750ml
Review Date: 12-2-2013
For me this single malt is as good as it gets. There are sublte smoke aromas mixed with nice sweet malt smells . In the mouth, the Benriach tastes soft and easy to drink , light with creamy hints. There is a nice long finish. The Benriach is complex with more than a touch of mystery.
Price: $149.99 Add To Cart BC 0

Russell's Reserve Single Barrel Kentucky Bourbon 750ml
Review Date: 11-14-2013
This release shows just how good whiskey from Wild Turkey Distillery can be. It has expressive vanilla and bourbon sweetness both aromatically and in the mouth. It also has complexity that makes this bourbon interesting and a great sipper.
Price: $53.99 Add To Cart WE 90 BC 0

Talisker Storm Limited Edition Isle of Skye Single Malt Whisky 750ml
Review Date: 11-11-2013
This is a wonderful addition to the Talisker line of single malts. The aromas are interesting and inviting, offering malt, smoke and hints of sea mist. In the mouth it is full bodied with a hint of sweetness that is balanced out with smoke and brine.
Price: $72.99 Add To Cart BC 0

Jean-Louis Denois Pinot Noir Brut Rosť
Review Date: 11-11-2013
Jean Louis Denois makes exceptional sparkling wines. His Pinot Noir Rose is no exception. It has a nice pink color and energetic bubbles. There are bright juicy flavors and this sparkling wine is dry. Very festive.
Price: $14.99 Add To Cart BC 0

1998 Domaine de Baraillon K&L Exclusive Folle Blanche Vintage Armagnac 750ml
Review Date: 11-4-2013
The 1998 Baraillon has nice pretty and inviting aromas. It is not a heavy spirit and has layers of flavors including a touch of earth. This is an Armagnac that is terroir driven, speaks of the location it comes from, and is interesting and fun to drink.
Price: $69.99 Add To Cart BC 0

Faultline Straight Bourbon Whiskey 750ml
Review Date: 11-4-2013
This Bourbon is soft and rich with a hint of spice and nice a vanilla finish. I think that this is a wonderful and pleasing Bourbon. Great to drink alone or in cocktails.
Price: $39.99 Add To Cart BC 0

1997 Laphroaig 16 Year Old K&L Exclusive Signatory Single Barrel Cask Strength Single Malt Whisky 750ml
Review Date: 10-18-2013
This is one of the nicest versions of Laphroaig that I have ever tasted. It has everything that one would expect from a bottle of Laphroaig. There are lots of smoke and also other maritime aromas and flavors.All of these factors come together and make an elegant and balanced single malt.
Price: $115.99 Add To Waiting List BC 0

Daniel Bouju K&L Exclusive Cognac Fines Saveurs 750ml
Review Date: 10-7-2013
A very elegant, light and pretty Cognac. It is a pleasure to smell and is light, juciy and soft in the mouth. Very good.
Price: $39.99 Add To Cart BC 0

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