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Charles Heidsieck "Brut Reserve" Champagne
Review Date: 11-16-2012
This is one of those occasions when you have to raise a toast to the champagne house. While the old Charles Heidseck was a solid bubbly, this is a huge step up. And the price increase is justifed by the increase in aged stocks and the higher quality overall. Delicious, rich and concentrated, with a fine mousse. Here's a toast to Champagne Charlie!

2001 Malescasse, Haut-Médoc
Review Date: 9-29-2012
OK, let's think about it for just about one moment. Here is an 11 year old Bordeaux, with attractive plum fruit notes on the entry, poise, good balance, and nice maturity. It has good mid-palate richness and elegant fruit character. AND IT IS LESS THAN $20???? In the trade, we call a wine like this a no-brainer, and drink it ourselves.
Price: $21.99 Add To Cart BC 0

Ferrand 1840 Formula 90 proof Cognac 750ml
Review Date: 9-19-2012
A favorite for mixing cocktails, made in a slightly old-fashoined style with a higher proof.
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