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Having been born in Rio de Janeiro into a very proud French/Portuguese family, and living in France and the USA for almost 25 years, gave me the best of all worlds, one very old, and another very new. I’ve always had three different perspectives on everything growing up, three different opportunities to understand the world around me and to try to make sense of it all. From Ipanema Beach, to the bluest of seas in the Côte d'Azur and Nice, to the wonderful Big Sur. Caipirinha and Feijoada, codfish and Vinho Verde, Daube and Bandol, and the always present Rosé, and…beer for those 110 degree summertime days in Rio! I always worked in the food business, in Paris, Nice and San Francisco. While working at Jules Verne in Paris, I decided to devote my career solely to wines and eventually got my Sommelier certification through the International Sommelier Guild.


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2007 Fourcas Hosten, Listrac
Review Date: 6-23-2014
A blend of 45% Merlot, 45% Cabernet Sauvignon and 10% Cabernet Franc. Aged for 12 months in 1/3 new barriques. Cassis and coffee notes, medium body, with structured tannins. The wine is ready to drink in my opinion.
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2009 Malescasse, Haut-Médoc
Review Date: 6-23-2014
Very much a 2009. And that’s a very good thing in Bordeaux. Deeply colored, and rich with loads of cassis and blackberry fruit, along with coffee, cocoa and earthy notes. It definitely has structure, and the tannins are well present, which makes this wine ideal for aging. It also can be drunk now due to its fullness of fruit, but I would decant it. Excellent wine.
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2001 Malescasse, Haut-Médoc
Review Date: 6-23-2014
Perfectly aged and drinking beautifully. Cassis, smoky coffee, and more developed notes of woodsy forest floor, and leather. Well integrated tannins. I really like its well-balanced subtlety and structure. A classic.
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2009 Gigault "Cuvée Viva" Premières, Blaye Côtes de Bordeaux
Review Date: 6-23-2014
I have known Cuvée Viva for a long time, but for some reason, I haven’t drunk it in a while. So what a surprise it was to reconnect with it in our staff tasting. Impeccably done, it is Merlot-plump, with nice cherries, cocoa, and a classic note of tobacco and exotic spices. Soft tannins and ready to drink. Definitely a must try.

2010 Buisson-Redon "Cuvée de Siecle", Bordeaux
Review Date: 6-23-2014
This is the product of the vineyards of Chateau Mayne-Vieil (Fronsac) that sits outside of the appellation. It is a juicy, easy going kind of wine. Inexpensive and quite frankly just perfect for having a glass on whenever night or let’s say… For a big opening at an art gallery? A wedding party? Got the idea?
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2011 Château de Montfaucon "Baron Louis" Lirac
Review Date: 2-5-2014
Incredibly spicy nose with exciting cinnamon/clove notes followed by some bacon fat and dried tart cherries. beautiful on the palate, with loads of spices, lavender, incense and bing cherries. With depth and complexity more akin to a Chateauneuf than a Côtes du Rhône.
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2010 Antech "Emotion" Cremant de Limoux Brut Rosé
Review Date: 2-5-2014
I love its delicate color and its aromas of wild strawberries and raspberries. Completely Brut, and it pairs beautifully with the spicy foods or sashimi. It is also very nice as an aperitif or even after dinner as a light accompaniment to a raspberry/strawberry dessert.
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2011 Domaine Regnier Saumur Champigny
Review Date: 2-5-2014
Really delightful Cabernet Franc, from Saumur Champigny, medium bodied, and very floral, with an intense nose of crushed rocks, violets and little red fruits. I would suggest serving it a bit chilled.
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2012 Zind Humbrecht Muscat
Review Date: 2-5-2014
A very unique wine for those who want to experiment what a dry Muscat from Alsace is all about. Intense aromatics of orange flowers, fresh grapes, honey and exotic spices. One would swear by the nose alone that this would be a sweet wine. But no, sweet it is not, and that's the beauty of it. This contrast between the sweet nose and the dry palate is a perfect combination for the very difficult to pair items like white asparagus or artichokes, but also a divine combination with Thai food. Please give it a try.
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2011 Sylvain Gaudron Vouvray Demi-Sec
Review Date: 1-22-2014
Very balanced demi-sec, with the right amount of sweetness supported by a bracing acidity. Honeyed, dried flowers,and an intriguing cherry note as well. This wine would pair wonderfully with sweet & sour dishes.
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1989 Couly Dutheil "Baronnie Madeleine" Chinon
Review Date: 1-22-2014
Absolutely stunning! A developed honeyed nose that strongly resembles of an old Bordeaux. Dark chocolate, smoked meat, and just a touch of bell pepper spices. Delicious.
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2011 Pierre Henri-Morel Côtes du Rhône-Villages Signargues
Review Date: 1-21-2014
Full and satisfying, this wine offers a lot for not much. A very appealing nose with the right balance of fruit and savory notes. Blackberry, blueberries, candied cherries, and yes I get violets too, along with leather spices and mouthwatering black pepper. It really delivers on the palate, following the nose notes of fruit, plus very silky tannins and that peppery savor that I just love in the wines from the Rhône. Very versatile with food, and very warming on these winter nights. Delicious!
Price: $13.99 Add To Cart WS 91 BC 0

Michel Dervin Brut Champagne
Review Date: 12-2-2013
I agree with my co-worker Christie. This is a delicious Champagne that deliver a lot of quality for a great price
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Jean-Louis Denois Pinot Noir Brut Rosé
Review Date: 10-15-2013
Delightful bubbly, brimming with strawberry and raspberries, still quite dry, but with a full flavor.
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2012 E. Guigal Condrieu
Review Date: 10-15-2013
A gorgeous aromatic nose with violets, apricot, peaches and citrus. It sees a bit (30%) of new oak in the fermentation process, but still with a very fresh palate. This is a Rich, unctuous and full bodied wine.
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