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Customer Reviews - Chris Bottarini

Chris Bottarini
A novice wine afficionado from Northern California traveling the world one glass at a time ...


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2009 Domaine Jean Descombes (Georges Duboeuf) Morgon (out of stock)  
Review Date: 8-18-2012
Nice ruby red in the glass. Lots of plums & blackberry & spice on the nose. Telltale Burgundy-Gamay nose of dark fruits with some spice. Lip smacking black & red fruits on the attack with a clear spice note on the lingering, acidic finish. Should be a great food wine!

2007 Joseph Swan "Zeigler Vineyard" Russian River Valley Zinfandel (out of stock)  
Review Date: 8-4-2012
Saturated Ruby in the glass. So much happening on the nose ... loads of blueberry, blackberry, plum, earth & a hint of pepper being the most prevalent. Built in a decidedly fruity yet not jammy style. There are still plenty of acids to balance out so this one will be great with BBQ chicken tonight! I have been a HUGE fan of J Swan wines for years! This one, as always, does not disappoint.
Price: $26.99 Add To Waiting List ST 92 BC 0

2007 Bonny Doon "Le Cigare Volant" Rhône Blend (out of stock)  
Review Date: 7-28-2012
A nice, saturated ruby-purple in the glass. After having had several dozen Rhone wines I am always struck by how different the "CA Rhone Ranger" wines are from the actual AOC Rhone. When you sick your nose in the glass you are instantly hit with telltale AOC Rhone signals. Strong game notes, followed by plums & dark cherries with a spike of pepper so similar to a Cotes du Rhone. What I love is that all the fruit is rich & forward like a ripe, French vintage rather than a CA fruit bomb. There is a nice spine of acid to keep everything in balance. Delicious juice from Bonny Doon!

2009 Gostolai "Incantu" Vermentino di Sardegna (out of stock)  
Review Date: 7-14-2012
This wine is almost amber, honey-gold in the glass. There is a richness on the nose that leads you to believe this will be a bomb with no spine. I was told that the vinification process for this particular Sardinian is leaning towards orange wine due to the extended contact with the skins for a few days. For sure rich, almost like a Napa Chard but the streak of acidity out the back says different. Loads of unctuous honey & melon fruit, structure from the use of oak & a streak of acid to cut through it all to keep it fresh. Ended up being a fantastic pairing for Pesto pasta tonight!
Price: $19.99 Add To Waiting List BC 0

2000 Camensac, Haut-Médoc (out of stock)  
Review Date: 6-23-2012
Saturated ruby in the glass. For starters ... I love the nose on this! Having had another vintage of Camensac before this brings me right back. Loads of earthy, mushroom, oak, spice, cassis, herbs & minerals abound in this classic vintage Bordeaux. Lots of chunky fruit in the middle. If you are. Lover of claret or Cabernet it would be hard not to love this wine!
Price: $34.99 Add To Waiting List WS 90 BC 0

Marguet Pere et Fils "Cuvée Reserve" Brut Champagne  
Review Date: 6-11-2012
Light & pale straw in the glass. Loads toasty brioche & apple skins on the nose. The first impression you get is of a rich wine no doubt from the PN content. Tons of toast, peach, white acacia flowers & a finish that won't quit! Exceptional way to toast my 33rd birthday!

2010 Masseria Li Veli "Askos" Verdeca (out of stock)  
Review Date: 6-9-2012
Very light pale straw color in the glass. Loads of white flowers & melon on the nose. First of all we're opening this on a 90 degree day in the valley ... This puppy is excellent for quenching your thirst! You'll pick up oak spice, tropical melon fruits, white flowers & a refreshing acidic backbone. Nice complexity for a song ....
Price: $18.99 Add To Waiting List RP 90 BC 0

2001 Sarget de Gruaud-Larose, St-Julien  
Review Date: 5-27-2012
Ruby-red in the glass. The nose just bursts with smoky, currant notes. Herbs & minerals abound. A medium body wine that still shows a surprisingly backward finish given the age & the fact that this is a second wine which should be drunk sooner than the flagship! Chewy tannins, chunky raspberry, herbs & minerals on the attack. A delicious second wine!
Price: $34.99 Add To Waiting List BC 0

2007 Sella e Mosca Cannonau di Sardegna Riserva (out of stock)  
Review Date: 5-26-2012
Ruby-red in the glass. Gentle, red fruits on the nose. Light & tart smoky red fruits with a pleasing acidic backbone. A simple quaffer set for imminent pleasure!
Price: $14.99 Add To Waiting List BC 0

2001 Fanetti Vino Nobile di Montepulciano Riserva (out of stock)  
Review Date: 5-26-2012
Ruby-red with a brick-amber edge in the glass. There is an earthy, bretty funkiness to the nose in this wine. For a wine with 11 years in the bottle this still shows a ton of youthful tannin. There is loads of red cherry fruit, worn leather, earth & oak spice to be enjoyed! A beautiful wine that was easily enjoyed tonight but could use another 5 years in the cellar.
Price: $33.99 Add To Waiting List RP 91 BC 0

2004 Lanessan, Haut-Médoc  
Review Date: 5-12-2012
A Brick, ruby-red color in the glass. Right from the nose this seems like yet another winner from the Lanessan team. This says a lot for me since I have a rule to not repeat the same wine / producer really more than once ... this is my 5th different vintage of this wine! The nose brings a lot of earthy, mushroom, cedar & spice box that is so inviting. Although this hasn't been open for more than an hour there are chuncky gobs of cherry fruit fruit framed by oak spice & a nice, smooth finish. Definitely another winner for me & a no-brainer for easy to like Bordeaux.
Price: $19.99 Add To Cart BC 0

2008 Valle dell'Acate Cerasuolo di Vittoria (end of vintage) (out of stock)  
Review Date: 5-5-2012
A nice saturated ruby-purple in the glass. The nose brings forth very prominent plum & red fruit notes. A hint of earth & a touch of spice shows too. Lots of chunky, tart red fruits with spice, grippy tannin framed in a medium body define this wine. Delicious & mildly complex!

Gutierrez Colosia "Sangre y Trabajadero" Oloroso El Puerto de Santa Maria (375ml)  
Review Date: 5-4-2012
Here we have my 2nd go with Sherry ... This time on the opposite end of the spectrum from Fino. I love the nose on this! It has a raisin effervescence that reminds me of a tawny port. Then you are shocked ... This is a bone dry wine that hints at sweetness. A lot fuller & rounder in the mouth than the Fino, it shows toasted walnut, caramel & hint of spice most likely from the fortification. This is much more style ...
Price: $15.99 Add To Cart BC 0

Hidalgo La Gitana Manzanilla Sanlucar de Barrameda (500ml) (out of stock)  
Review Date: 4-28-2012
So far this is my first go with sherry ... There is a distinct iodine flavor that persists & leads you to believe you would be overpowered. As it turns out you taste a light & fluffy dry wine that is delicate & lightly sweet yet totally dry at the same time. Not my ideal wine ... I believe I should try oloroso but not bad by any stretch ...

2007 Pasetti "Tenutarossa" Montepulciano d'Abruzzo (out of stock)  
Review Date: 4-28-2012
Saturated ruby in the glass. Earthy, mushroom & spicy, blackberry notes on the nose. Chewy tannins still persist with chunky red & black fruits with oak spice. Paired well with BBQ ... Really solid wine for the price!
Price: $22.99 Add To Waiting List WE 90 BC 0

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