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Customer Reviews - Waddell

About 20 years ago, I used to buy wine for a restaurant and became somewhat jaded at an early age, so didn't touch the stuff again until a couple of years ago. So much has changed, that I'm basically a beginner again. My main focus is on California reds.


Sean Thackrey "Pleiades XVIII" Old Vine Red Blend (out of stock)  
Review Date: 6-4-2010
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I first tried this in march, when it had spent but two months in the bottle. It had a few rough edges, seemed very well balanced. Three months latter, it's already noticeably smoother. Lots of fruit and flowers. Since it's full of old vine "mystery" grapes, it's hard to be fair comparing it with other blended CA red wines, but it compares favorably to a more expensive 2006 or 2007 Newton Claret.
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