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Customer Reviews - Christopher Day

Christopher Day
Graduate student in chemistry and amateur gastro-mixologist and American Whiskey connoisseur.

Cocktail and whiskey tasting blog @


Stranahan's Colorado Small Batch Whiskey 750ml (1 bottle limit)  
Review Date: 6-15-2009
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I have an affinity for the odd-ones. The 100% barley mash gives rise to hot and rich nose full of honey citrus and roast coffee with delicate notes of tobacco, vanilla and orange on the palate with a hot and lingering dark roasted coffee finish in the throat. Pour two fingers of the stuff as a digestif or a lazy mid-day dram. Though I'd recommend having it straight on your first pass, you can cut through some of the heat by adding a few cubes of ice which will also bring out the smokier characteristics of the malted barley. Versatile and delicious; probably my favorite whiskey under $100...always have a bottle on hand!
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