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Customer Reviews - Tully Moxness

Tully Moxness


2007 Undone Pinot Noir (out of stock)  
Review Date: 5-1-2009
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This was a real surprise, and I'm glad I took your recommendation. There's no way I would have guessed this was a Pinot Noir, from Germany no less, had I not already known. I'm used to bigger Pinot Noir, and this was far lighter and simple than that. It's so light that it borders on a blush, but the flavors were a lot more interesting. It has great light red fruit on the nose, esp. cherry and strawberry, and those flavors continue on the palate. The lack of oak makes it an easy finish, virtually no acidity, and it was a crowd pleaser at dinner among the different levels of wine drinkers we had. For the price point, it's a great deal. I'd give it about an 85, and an 85 for $11 works for me.
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