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2012 Oakridge Single Vineyard Series "Guerin Vineyard" Pinot Noir Yarra Valley
Review Date: 9-15-2014
The Oakridge Pinot Noir is really amazing. The Guerin Vineyard displays very nice intensity with a great mixture of fresh, just-ripe fruit aromas with lots of earthy secondary components. For a girl who loves her mineral-driven, earthier style Pinot Noir, this is right up my alley. The wine finishes with soft baking spices and great complexity.
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2012 Oakridge Single Vineyard Series "Oakridge/Whitsend Vineyard" Shiraz Yarra Valley
Review Date: 9-15-2014
Woo! What a spicy little guy. There's fresh black pepper, green tobacco, dash of green olive notes right off the bat along with the classic raspberry. This is NOT your typical big tannin, high alcohol Australian Shiraz at all, but more reminiscent of a Northern Rhone style. Elegant and classy!
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2010 Amici Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon
Review Date: 9-2-2014
Amici is a family-owned winery which produces premium quality wines at really good prices. This Cabernet is sourced mostly from Rutherford and you can taste the dark cherry and the famous "Rutherford dust" in this bottle. One of the long-time staff favorites, and I'm confident to say that this wine will out-perform most of the $50+ Cabernets out in the market!

2009 Domaine de Baron'Arques Limoux
Review Date: 9-2-2014
I'm calling this the "mini Mouton of Limoux". This 31-hectare property was purchased by the Baroness Philippine de Rothschild and her two sons in December 1998, and has been extensively renovated, producing their first vintage in 2003. Just like at all the other properties they own, everything is held to a very high standard here, including hand-picking of the grapes into small, 12-kilogram boxes to keep them whole throughout the process, just as they do at Mouton-Rothschild, Opus One and Almaviva. The blend is 50% Merlot, 10% Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc, 10% Grenache, 10% Malbec and 10% Syrah. The winery also won the Bronze medal at the 2013 Decanter World Wine Awards. This a one serious red packed into a modestly priced bottle; enjoy now (decant if you can) or hold onto it for another 5~10 years!
Top Value!
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2011 Maison Ambroise Bourgogne Rouge
Review Date: 5-27-2014
This little Bourgogne is actually sourced from Nuits-St-Georges. "Iron fist in a velvet glove"! I love the earthy tone this wine has to offer, along with dense cherry note and a chewy finish. A great deal for Bourgogne Rouge!
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2013 Clendenen Santa Maria Valley Mondeuse Rosť
Review Date: 5-12-2014
It's rosé season yet again! When it comes to rosé, the competition is fierce: so many different regions, grape varietals and styles! However the Clendenen Family Mondeuse Rose really stands out in the lineup. This was the very first wine we tasted when we visited this March. Light pink, with good intensity, a touch of earth, light tea leaves and a wonderful rose petal scent to finish, it was also an instant staff favorite once we got it in the store. It's fun, different and very well-made; a must-try for rosé lovers this summer!
Top Value!
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2012 Clendenen "Stallion Vineyard" Santa Ynez Valley Sauvignon Blanc
Review Date: 5-12-2014
What an unique Sauv Blanc! I put my nose in this glass expecting to get a citrus, grassy note but instead I was greeted with lovely, floral jasmine and white peach. It is one of the fuller, rounder styles of California Sauv Blanc I've ever tasted (without the use of oak). It almost makes me wonder if there is Semillon blended in there to lend it richness. I really have to say, the folks at Clendenen Family really get it. I'm impressed with their entire lineup. Every wine has its own signature and displays top quality. Worth a try!
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2009 Ici/La-Bas "Les Reveles-Elke Vineyard" Anderson Valley Pinot Noir
Review Date: 5-12-2014
It was very hard to pick our favorite Pinot Noir among so many great choices Ici La Bas offers, but at the end we were charmed by this little Anderson Valley Pinot Noir. Small dense ripe cherry fruit, very clean and focus. Savory, baking spices (75% new French barrel) and big lush mouthfeel. There is A LOT of flavor pack into the bottle for only $25 bucks; what's not to love?
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2006 Clendenen "Rancho La Cuna" Santa Maria Valley Syrah/Viognier
Review Date: 5-12-2014
Did I smell classic Cote Rotie in Santa Maria? The Clendenen Rancho La Cuna follows the French Cote Rotie style of blending in Viognier (10%) with their Syrah. I don't know who thought of this first, but it was genius. In this glass I immediately notice the classic black pepper notes from the Syrah together with the beautiful florals brought out by the Viognier. The nose was focus, sharp, and intense with red cherry, black olive, smoked meat, and savory peppery finish. It is complex, full bodied and made me want to take another sip. Cheers! Here's to another great wine by the Clendenen Family!
Price: $34.99 Add To Cart ST 90 BC 0

2008 Clendenen Family Vineyards "Le Bon Climat" Santa Maria Valley Pinot Noir
Review Date: 5-12-2014
It doesn't get bigger or brighter than this! This Pinot Noir was super full bodied, lots of ripe fruit upfront but then layers of secondary notes of tomatoes, mushroom, and tea leaves follow. Savory and intense cherry, but still very much in focus on the palate, then... wait for it..... LONG finish. If you are looking for a solid Pinot Noir, no BS, no ifs/buts, then here it is!

2007 Clendenen "Le Pip" Santa Maria Valley Nebbiolo
Review Date: 5-12-2014
NEBBIOLO! Oh how I love Nebbiolo!! As a sommelier of a steakhouse in my previous life, there's nothing better than pairing the king of all grapes (Nebbiolo) with the king of all steaks (two pound bone in ribeye). Tasting this wine makes me drool and hungry for a fatty ribeye. This bottle came about as close as I can expect from classic Barolo or Barbaresco: it was intense, highly powerful, with cherry (slightly sweeter than the typical Italian counterpart), white truffles and crushed rose petals. High tannin and acid as you would expect from the varietal--my mouth puckered up immediately! I think I will leave it off here, it's time for me to pick up a steak for dinner tonight!
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2010 Qupe "Bien Nacido Hillside Estate" Santa Maria Valley Roussanne
Review Date: 5-12-2014
I've been a longtime fan of Qupe wines, I find their wines always classic and well made. This rare single varietal Roussanne is truly made for people who wants something different, or the kind of wine that makes the "wine geeks" excited. True to its form this wine is full bodied, with rustic, rustic, rustic notes and a honey wax, oily mouthfeel yet chalky, refreshing on the palate. Did I mention the fun rustic note? Oh, and the long finish. Time to geek out people!

2010 Qupe "Bien Nacido Vineyard" Santa Maria Valley Syrah
Review Date: 5-12-2014
I usually mark my favorite wines in a tasting lineup by drawing a little heart next to it, and when I went back to see my notes, there were three hearts next to the Bien Nacido Syrah. Yup, that's how much I love this wine, never had a bad bottle from these guys. The reason why I love their Syrah is how elegant and balanced they are. I get lots of black olive, pepper, and blackberry aromas followed by leathery, earthy flavors and a cured meat sensation. Always bright on the palate with good acidity (remember, acid is your friend), and a complex and silky finish. Go ahead, try a bottle and then you can draw a little heart next to your notes (or whatever it is you do... )

2011 McPrice Myers "Cremant de la Cote" Paso Robles Grenache Noir Brut
Review Date: 5-12-2014
Now that's a sparkling wine you don't see every day! Made 100% from Grenache Noir. I smell high-toned Granny Smith apples, peachy fruit and chalky limestone minerality, almost like in between a Prosecco and a Cava. Lively big bubbles that falls apart gently on the palate and a smooth finish.
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2011 AmByth Estate "Priscus" Paso Robles White Rhone Blend
Review Date: 5-12-2014
Do you consider yourself a super wine geek? You are not if you haven't tried Ambyth! This super small winery produces a total of 1,000 cases annually entirely out of the winemaker's own garage, with vines surrounding his house co-existing with chickens, dogs, cats, sheep and cows. Everything is completely organic, biodynamic (I know, I know, you've all heard that before) and... wait for it... 100% natural (HUH?) It means dry-farmed, hand-picked, NO chemicals added, NO yeast added (wild yeast only), NO acid adjustment, NO sulfites added, NO fining and NO filtration. You think you can handle all that? Let's raise the stakes by adding in the Australian owner with cool accent and amazing hospitality, oh, and did I mention all the wines are fermented in amphora (handmade Italian clay pots)? The Priscus is a blend of 33% Grenache Blanc, 33% Roussanne, 21% Marsanne and 13% Viognier with racy acidity, tangy texture, bright yellow lemon, red apple and earthy notes. Very rustic yellow floral aromas combine with hints of honey, dry tea leaves, peanut shell and pretty intense. This wine definitely demands respect! Cheers!
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